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Monday, 24 October 2016

Fabric Design

Anyone who's visited the V&A will be familiar with the patterns bellow. I've gone of the V&A countless times and they've always caught my eye but I've only now thought to seek out the designer behind these floral designs. His name is William Morris, a textile designer from the 1800's, and a very interesting character. He's also a poet, novelist and an early adopter of social activism, look him up.

At the same time I became aware that you could now get t-shirts printed all over, and not just in a square on the chest. What happened to me next was as follows:

Being quite old patterns, I didn't know if they were in the public domain. I found that "Morris Co" is still going so I emailed them about getting the rights to print using a pattern, and if not, if they could point me to where I could buy the ones I fancied. Turns out that no, I can't use them, and they're not even in production. Well.

So I designed my own.

I wanted it to feel like a deep moss with a variety of tiny plants. A little dewy, fresh and busy, with a slightly muted color palette. This is what I came up with:

So now I have a shirt! And if you'd like one of these, you can buy one on society6. I've never had more stress trying to publish work before, so if anyone knows any other options for all over shirt printing, please do let me know! Also, if you're looking to have something similar designed, I would be up for making more patterns! Contact me at

They're super good. Printed on American Apparel tee's too. Get one and look super fancy!

This is my new #tshirt I designed recently! If you'd like one, go to #floral #tee #moss #design

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  1. Brilliant, although you now look like the Morris curtains in my childhood home! (you can buy the Morris fabric but not on anything you'd want to make shirts out of). You'd think Liberty's would have done something like this by now? Jen S

    1. Thank you! Liberty's do sell Morris' fabric, there are a few vendors, but like I say, Morris co no longer produces the ones I like. I did find some samples though and it was weird, didn't expect the pattern size to be so large!

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